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Fighting Games

If there was any way to induce rage in even the calmest of people, then fighting games are what do it. Games like Tekken, Mortal Kombat or Smash Bros are fun, engaging and perfect to play against a friend and it can bring around a lot of good times. However, playing games like this against your friend can show you a side of them that you didn’t need to see. Most people have a competitive nature and that’s normal but it’s heightened when playing one of these games. You’ll see controllers thrown, tables kicked and couch arms punched. For example, I have a friend called Eoin who is probably the calmest, least angry person I know but that all changes once he starts losing at something.

As a teenager I loved playing Tekken with Eoin and every time we started playing it was all fun and games, for about a half an hour. After that half hour, madness ensued. A good tip is to watch your opponent in real life as well. If he or she moves forward to sit up, then they’ve began to take things very seriously. When Eoin and I used to play, I’d win just a little bit more than him and I always knew when he would try to go “ultra instinct”(as he calls it) when he sat forward. I’d quickly glance at him to see the look of pure anger build as he started to try harder. To his credit, he did get much better at the game and essentially split the competitive madness between the both of us when I started taking losses. Fighting games are incredibly fun and can provide hours of entertainment but be warned that they introduce you to people’s true competitive nature unleashed

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