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Welcome to Wires-Crossed Ireland

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The Evolution of YouTube

More Information: There is a lot to learn from entertainment websites,...

Japanese ramen noodle soup

More Information: Ingredients 700ml chicken stock 3 garlic cloves, halved...

How T-Shirts are made

Read more: T-shirts are durable, versatile garments with mass appeal that may...

The Cinema Experience

Life with covid is nearing a two year stay here in Ireland and many things were missed. One of the things I missed most was going to the...

Fighting Games

If there was any way to induce rage in even the calmest of people, then fighting games are what do it. Games like Tekken, Mortal Kombat...

Influencer Boxing

Certain internet influencers have spent the last three years filling stadiums so they can step in the ring. These people aren’t boxers...

Nintendo Blog

I’ve grown up collecting videogame consoles and games wherever I can. New or retro, I always found ways to collect stuff like that and I...

Imperial War Museum

Twice in my life, I’ve been to the Imperial War Museum in London and I must say that if you’re interested in history, this is the place...


We were setting off later than planned, but having said that, all the boxes were ticked this time – the dogs were fed, the bins were out,...

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