Moving to another country during Covid-19

Hi, my name is Nataly and I’m Spanish. After finishing my studies as an Administrator in Spain, I wanted the experience of living outside of my country. I chose to become an au-pair in the Netherlands.

After living the Netherlands for 7 months, the Covid-19 pandemic started. My host family decided that they no longer needed an au-pair as they were going to be working from home, and not from their offices anymore.

Since March 2020, I have been living in Ballyjamesduff, Co. Cavan. I didn’t want to return to Spain because I still wanted to live my ‘international dream’ and my friends in Ireland found a job for me in Virginia. At the start of my journey, it was very hard because I was living in my house. I was very bored and spent some time ‘doing nothing’. I learned a lot from this, walking cleared my head from the stresses of COVID-19 and lockdown.

When I started the new job, I only spent 4 months working in the office in Virginia until the pandemic became very severe. The office that I work for, closed and we started working from home.

It has been difficult being away from my friends and family in Spain, but with Zoom and FaceTime, I don’t feel that they are too far away from me. This is a real challenge for me, but I’m sure that I can overcome it.

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