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Welcome to Wires-Crossed Ireland

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My thoughts on Cobra Kai

A blog on ‘Cobra Kai’ is something I’ve wanted to write for some time now. The best way I can describe this show is that it has no...

A blog about Donegal

In my life I’ve been to America, Italy, England but to this day my favourite holiday location remains Donegal. Specifically the Dunlough...

Theatre Students Blog

I wanted to write this blog to highlight the benefits of being a student in theatre performance. For a young person who wants to pursue...

''Thank you Covid''

Last year in July when gyms was not allowed to open because of Covid. I mentioned this to a mate Mark Heaver. He mentioned he knew a...

Skiing Trip

A time I still regard as one of the best in my life was the ski trip to Italy that my TY year-group went on in January 2019. We were all...

Rocky Balboa meets reality

The Rocky franchise is one that captured the hearts of everyone when it started in 1977. The film(like Rocky himself) was an underdog for...

Recovering From Covid

I recently contracted COVID-19. During this time, I was required to self-isolate at home. If I lived alone this wouldn’t have been such...

New York

Twice in my life I’ve been to New York City and while I was very young, I can confidently say it is one of the greatest places on earth....

The Netflix - Melting Pot

Since the launch of Netflix’s streaming service along with others like Disney+ and Amazon Prime, we have grown used to them so much that...

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