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Welcome to Wires-Crossed Ireland

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Household Histories - Toaster

What did the Romans ever do for us? Well, actually, they gave us toast! ‘Tostum’ is the Latin word for ‘scorching’ or ‘burning’. In...

My Covid-19 Experience

About 2 months ago, I tested positive for covid-19 and due to the level of which it affected me, I was thanking all my lucky stars that I...


Hi, my name is Dylan, and I am from Ireland. Recently as you may know, Facebook have rebranded their company to “Meta” and have updated...

18th May

Today is the first day that encompasses a small lift of mobility restrictions. It has taken 8 long weeks to get here and already the...

9th May

This week, I actually forgot to create a diary entry. I do not know if that is because life as it, is now fully normal, or perhaps I just...

1st May

Today is May Day. For most people now it is more like “MAY DAY, MAY DAY, MAY DAY”!! The lockdown restrictions are having an effect on...

23rd April

Yet another week has passed. They are beginning to mush together like a smoothie. I don’t like smoothies, usually, but this is not so...

16th April

So, I have decided that I am simply a better, happier person under lockdown. The house is clean. I am eating more healthily. I have...

9th of April

I have come to realize that social media has changed, for the better. Only a few weeks ago, social media was really just used for...

2nd April

Another week has passed by, in what seems like flash. I am amazed at how we have adapted to our new reality. All of this spare time has...

26th of March

It has been a week now and I have barely left the house. What was a fear, has quickly become routine? It is remarkably peaceful. Time...

Lockdown Diary 19th March

The 19th of March. The first day of working from home. I am fortunate to be able to still do my job at home – countless are not so...

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