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Welcome to Wires-Crossed Ireland

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Uncontrollable excitement

At this point I think it’s safe to say that the latest film in Tom Holland’s run in the iconic role of Spiderman has reached a new level...

Leaving Cert Pressure

I only did my leaving cert exams five months ago but it already feels like a very long time ago. But one thing I’ll not soon forget is...

A New Golden Age in Boxing

Fans of boxing are living through a very lucky time right now. We’re in another golden age for the sport that’s just too good not to tune...

Crowded Kitchens

How did it all start? In the kitchen of a dead uncle actually. Odd as that may sound, it’s completely true. Jack had always been my...

Experience with games

Videogames rose exponentially as an industry in the last forty years and for that I’m very thankful. The interest I have in games and...

Working as a teenager

Something I’ve felt like blogging about for a while is my experience working from when I was thirteen to when I was seventeen. For those...

A trip to Dublin Zoo

In 2015 I was in 6th class in primary school and one of the days I remember most fondly was our trip to Dublin Zoo. I’ve always loved...

Roy Jones Jr blog

Roy Jones Jr was a professional boxer who fought at four weight classes and won championships in all of them. These classes were...


2017 was a nice easy going year for me. I had work in my family pub so I certainly wasn’t hurting for my own money and I was very often...

My experience with lockdown

There are several things that can take a serious mental toll on people and in the last year and eleven months, I think we’ve all learned...

Leaving cert blog

This year has certainly been difficult but even then I do consider my last month and a half of 6th year in secondary school to be...

Redemption of a Rogue

Directed by Philip Doherty ‘Redemption of a Rogue’ is an Irish movie set in West Cavan and my view on it is that it’s a truly great film....

Halo Blog

If I could describe to someone the best way to kill time and have endless fun with a friend, it would be playing the main story of Halo 3...

Christmas Blog

For a while now I’ve wanted to write a blog about my love for Christmas and my personal reasons for loving it. Undoubtedly Christmas is a...

My experience in Brighton

For anyone who’s been lucky enough to visit Brighton, you’ll understand me when I say that Brighton is one of the most fun and diverse...

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